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Thank you for all of your help with us moving out early - we really appreicate it. You've really made an enormous positive difference. We hope you will love the air plant and champagne! All the best!


Brain M.

Many thanks to Asta along with her team coordinating all the steps with the tenants while I am away from Canada. This makes my experience on investment property more convenient. I feel so comfortable with the help from New Powersky management service. The one stop service really helped me in all sort of manner, from taxation to collecting rent. I do not have to shop around with the limited of time I have in Toronto. And I never have to worry because they are so experienced!! 


Jeremy T.

I would rate 5 stars ***** for their excellent service. From renting out the place, to managing my rental properties, I never need to worry. The team ensures everything is running smoothly and even my tenants sent me compliment emails about the rental management. New Powersky team is very responsive on calls and messages. They do what they promise: Happy Tenants; Happy Landlords.



Priscilla S.

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